"Create Your Own" Website, Through a Web Hosting Provider Vs. Custom Open Source Website

In today's world, a business's success will be greatly increased by building a presence online. There are a variety of options out there to build an online presence, whether it is through a website, social media or online advertising, such as Google Adwords.

Today's post is about building an online presence through a website, and how to determine what path to take when building a website. I will be comparing "create your own" websites, through a web hosting provider to websites built from open source technologies, such as Drupal.

Without knowing all the options out there, creating a small business website can be tough, and with all of the advertisements it can be confusing on how to get started. One of the most common ways to create a website is to "create your own" through a web hosting provider. There are various benefits and disadvantages to "creating your own," through a web hosting provider.

The benefits of "creating your own" include, a low cost solution to allow a small business to create a website very quickly and at very affordable price. The hosting provider has a selection of different templates and layouts, which allows the website to be setup with in minutes. These predefined features are available at a low monthly cost.

The disadvantages of using a web hosting provider's website building services are, limited options, outgrowing the platform quickly, and being stuck with the web hosting provider. Most web hosting providers provide a limited set of design templates, and also a limited list of features. Depending on the configuration, the web hosting provider may provide options to include additional features into the website being built, but for an additional monthly fee.

Open source solutions also offer many benefits, which include a fully customized design, layout and functionality behind the website. Other benefits include flexibility that will allow a business's website to grow with the business or to be molded or integrated into anything business function that is needed next. Open source websites do not have the restrictions or the barricades that many "create your own "website have, such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, or ownership of the website.

The only disadvantage with and open source solution would be a higher cost up front, but with any custom website, it will be an investment.

In conclusion, "create your own" websites are good starting points for small business that want to build an online presence in minutes and have a small budget. But in the end, a custom open source website will be the best solution for any business of any size, and will give the business the freedom to create the website to suit all business needs.