HubSpot Alternatives

Have you heard of HubSpot?  It's an awesome CRM, Sales, and Marketing Automation tool.  Right now, I'm writing this blog post in HubSpot's Blogging Tool.  The only downside to HubSpot is cost; it's not the most affordable, and it doesn't fit into everyone's budget.So, I decided to write this post in order to share a few HubSpot alternatives.  

NOTE: This guide assumes that you have a CMS (content management system) website like Drupal or Wordpress, and your website has a blog and the ability to create landing pages.

I will provide a couple of different alternatives.  The first solution described another company that provides email automation services, and the second solution is custom.


Hatchbuck is a company that provides an efficient CRM (customer relations management tool) and a robust marketing automation platform.  This allows its clients capture leads on their company website and then funnel those leads into Hatchbuck, where the marketing automation takes place.  (Note: Hatchbuck does NOT have the tools needed to create landing pages).

The main features of Hatchbuck include its CRM, user tracking, and mail service which allows for email and marketing automation. Think of a typical CRM combined with an email tool like MailChimp PLUS very helpful website analytics.

Also, when using an open source content management system like Drupal or Wordpress, you can easily integrate your form submissions to be directly transferred and saved in the Hatchbuck CRM.  At Trail 9, we've created a Drupal/Hatchbuck module that allows use to seamlessly integrate form submissions with our Hatchbuck contacts and campaigns. We even have the ability to tag submissions. Hatchbuck has also developed a Wordpress module that allows for easy form integration on pages.

In addition, Hatchbuck works with Zapier, a web automation tool that supports hundreds of third-party apps, allowing for even more integration opportunities!

Overall, I've found that Hatchbuck acts as a good replacement to HubSpot when you're looking for general marketing automation and a robust CRM solution.

Custom Solution

As much as we like to have everything all in one place and under one roof, we nearly always look for alternatives to keep costs down.  This alternative has an even lower cost than Hatchbuck! Well, unless you have one million contacts and send one million emails a day, that is.

For this low-cost and efficient solution, you'll still need to have a website that allows for flexability, like Drupal or Wordpress.  It must also have the ability to create landing pages and blog posts.

We at Trail 9 are employing this solution ourselves!  First, we're using HubSpot's FREE and robust CRM as the central point for our contacts.  We recommend that you use it too-- it's a free, organized, and useful CRM tool. Once you set up your HubSpot CRM, it's time to bring in some other tools to take care of your email and marketing automation.  

The other tools that we use on top of HubSpot's CRM are MailChimp, Lucky Orange and


We choose MailChimp for our email and marketing automation.  We send out our newsletters and automated follow-ups using their tool. We can also choose mailing lists per email according to our specific campaigns.

There are quite a few integrations available that allow the embedding of MailChimp web forms on your website.  Also, if you're using an open source tool like Drupal or Wordpress, then there are specific modules and plugins ready to use that integrate MailChimp seamlessly into your website.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange provides indepth website analytics to track user behavior. It also allows you to link your users to a contact record in your Hubpot CRM. This can provide more detailed information of what your lead was browsing during their visit.

Lucky Orange also has an integration with HubSpot available, so you can set it and wait for the data to start flowing in! integrates MailChimp into your HubSpot CRM.  This allows data to be passed back and forth, so you can keep tabs on your leads in the HubSpot CRM and push that information over to MailChimp as needed.

You can also track which of your emails are opened by which recipients in your HubSpot CRM.  This will simplify the experience for your sales and marketing team.  

HubSpot's CRM will be the central location for viewing what your leads and contacts are doing on your website as well as what emails they are opening, viewing and clicking. But, Mail Chimp, Lucky Orange, and will boost the CRM's capabilities and make your sales and marketing practices more thorough.


These are the best HubSpot alternatives we've found so far!  We really enjoy using HubSpots tools, but we also know that they just don't fit in everyone's budget.  

Hatchbuck is a more affordable alternative tool, and our custom solution is an alternative for someone who wants more control over how information is managed and integrated into their system.