SEO Tip of the Day: Titles

Titles? Why are they important?

Well, titles are actually one of the most important on-page SEO elements, and using titles correctly is a big part of getting a higher SEO rank.

Importance of the Page Title Element

Why is a page title important? From a user perspective, a page title is what's seen on a search result page.  So, the title should be relevant to the page's content, and it should also incorporate keywords.  Depending on the audience, it should also spark interest or be catchy enough to increase attraction to the web page. 

When optimizing your title for search engines, be sure to incorporate keywords in the title.  Also, considering the user's view of the title on the search results page, keep your title 55 characters or less to make sure it's displayed in its entirety.

Steps to Create the Perfect Title - Title Checklist 

  • Does your title use the h1 HTML element (<h1>)
  • Have you put keywords in the title?
  • Have you put your company/brand name in your title?  (We recommend putting it at the end.)
  • Does your title describe what the content is about?
  • Will your title peak reader interest?
  • Does your title have 55 characters or less?
  • Important - Is your title written for humans (not search engines)? It should be.

There is an excellent SEO plugin/module for Wordpress and Drupal called Yoast SEO, and it'll help streamline this checklist in your content authoring.

Google Might Rewrite Your Title

Did you know that Google might rewrite your titles for their search results?  What would make them do that?

  • Having a keyword-stuffed title or a spammy title;
  • Having a title that isn't relevant to the page's content;
  • If there's an alternate title located in the page's metadata;
  • If the h1 HTML tag is missing, or if the title is malformatted.

Title Recap!

The title element of every page is important and should have some thought behind it.  The page title is one of the first page elements users see during a search.  It should be to the point, incorporate keywords, and be engaging to the user.