Valpo Direct is LIVE!

We're thrilled to announce that the new Valpo Direct website is LIVE today! 

Valpo Direct desktop home page

The Valpo Direct Project

Valpo Direct is a comprehensive, free-to-use website that catalogs Valparaiso’s local businesses. It’s meant to be a win-win solution for both consumers AND local business owners, encouraging Valparaiso's residents and visitors to shop locally WHILE rewarding local business owners with free online advertising for their stores and services.

About the Website

On the Valpo Direct website, businesses are organized both alphabetically and by a filtered search. Each business has an individual profile page with their name, logo, contact information, company description, website link, and an individual contact form where users can message them directly (their submissions automatically forwarding to that business's public email).

In time, once Valpo Direct expands, we hope to offer additional subscription-based options to broaden the businesses' profiles, if they'd prefer to incorporate more detailed information, links, or photos. But, this basic business profile is free for any business who wants to sign up, no strings attached.

About the Businesses

All of the businesses currently listed on Valpo Direct have signed up with us and given permission for their logos and basic information to be listed on their profiles. If you want to be on Valpo Direct, please visit the website and sign up with us! And, spread the word with others who you think will benefit from the directory. Only so much of Valpo Direct's growth is in our hands— it's up to the Valparaiso community to expand it and make it an exceptionally valuable resource.

We hope that all of Valpo's businesses will want to list with Valpo Direct over time. After all, the more complete the directory is, the more popular and visible the website will be online, giving each business more exposure and bringing more commerce to the Valpo community.

The Benefits of Valpo Direct

Benefits for Consumers

Valpo Direct allows for consumers to discover AND directly connect with Valpo businesses. There’s no extra fluff and no distractions involved with the website; our only goal is to make local businesses visible and available to everyone in the Valpo area.

The website is also made to host ALL of Valpo’s businesses, no matter their type. Whether a consumer needs to find a restaurant, cleaning service, accounting firm, beauty salon, or any other type of service, they only need to visit one convenient place online.

Benefits for Business Owners

Valpo Direct was made for local business owners just as much as consumers. The website is set up with the strongest SEO (search engine optimization) configurations, performance enhancements, and security settings, and the design is focused primarily on usability and clarity. These settings will make Valpo Direct appear on search engines constantly when people search for Valpo services, bringing a steady stream of potential customers to discover and learn about all of the listed businesses.

The more any business appears online, the more prominent they become, and the higher up they're listed on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. With added SEO from Valpo Direct, our partners' individual SEO, for their own websites and social media profiles, will continue to increase over time.

Wait... Why Did We Do This?

So, why did we at Trail 9 make a community-driven, free advertising website for Valpo? Our goal is to help improve Valparaiso’s economy while supporting our fellow local businesses, and we know that a directory website that’s built and maintained the RIGHT way will make that happen. We’ve built Valpo Direct like we build all of our client and internal websites: with the best design, performance, security, SEO, and hosting environment.

Again, it’s free for any local business to sign up with Valpo Direct, and there are no strings attached to anything. In time, we hope to promote pre-paid business for the companies involved, as well as additional subscription-based options for those who’d like to further build out their business profiles with extra enhancements.

Valpo Direct just went live today— it's still at the very beginning of its potential. But we know it has the power to help a lot of local consumers and business owners, and we hope you consider trying it out and signing up!