Websites Are Like Cars... Didn't You Know?

Did you know that the lifecycle your car AND of your website are actually very similar? It may be shocking to hear, but it's true! Websites and cars really have a lot in common.

Growing Up & Getting By

Think about your very first car. Most likely, it was a junker-- something really cheap, that didn't look so nice or fancy. BUT, it got the job done. It had basic functionality, and it got you from point A to B. Right?

The same principle works for websites! Normally, a company's very first website will be simple in every way and be the lowest cost possible. This makes perfect sense, as it allows the owners to test their ideas without breaking the bank.

That First Big Break

Back to your old, clunker car. Once you started your first serious job, or got that first break in your career, you probably wanted to use some of your new capital to get yourself an upgraded mode of transportation. You probably got something more reliable, efficient, and high-performing; something that reflected how hard you'd worked. It was a car that you were proud to both take places and give people rides in.

Once again, this life-step goes for a company's first website as well. Once the company starts bringing in revenue, and it's clear that their initial efforts are working, it's then time for a website upgrade. They've outgrown that initial basic, bare-bones version. They'll want to get a website that's more reliable, efficient, and high-performing-- with a better design, improved performance, or a higher SEO rank. It'll be a more impressive version that reflects how far they've come; a web presence they'd be proud to promote and direct their prospects toward.

The Real Deal

One more time, let's think back to your career lifecycle. During the first several years at your big-break job, you were probably getting more comfortable and confident, moving up through your company, and steadily increasing your income. Meanwhile, your upgraded car was starting to age. You may have decided that it's time for another change, a newer car with better amenities in a higher price range, possibly even your dream car. You may have gone for the top package that came with all the bells and whistles-- why not? You earned it!

And, as always, a company's website works the same way. A good website will further enhance a company's brand, improve its online presence, and make its business processes easier, especially for its marketing and sales teams! So, when an accomplished company is ready to fuel their well-earned success into their dream website, they'll want to go with an even better website solution than they had before. This time, they'll have the power to add and remove functionality as needed, have a design that matches their branding to the T, and integrate a variety of tools that streamline every marketing and sales process. This website will be a well-oiled machine that reflects the company in the very best light. It may not be the cheapest option, but it's by far the best.

Delving deeper, this 'master of websites' integrates inbound marketing tools, providing landing pages, blog posts, and lead capture mechanisms to boost the company's conversion rate. It sells the company's products, services, and subscriptions, both physical and digital. Everything is built into one platform, allowing each department within the company to access what they need at any given time. This robust website isn't a turn-and-burn solution; it has the potential to further evolve over time.

You went from a junker car to one much more impressive that fits your heightened level of success. Your company website deserves the same consideration! Sometimes, like with car, it doesn't make practical sense to upgrade your website. Other times, it's a necessity-- especially if your current website is hindering your company's growth, brand, and overall image.

This past year alone, I've come across three business owners that told me they were ashamed of their websites. If they're ashamed, how could their prospects, leads, and customers view their websites any differently?

If you're ready to have your website match your company's level of success, then let us help you get it up to speed!