WordPress Repair

Are you having trouble with your WordPress website? Trail 9 is here to help!

Millions of people today use WordPress for their websites; WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS (content management system) in use. Over the last few months, we've received a surge of requests for WordPress help from all sorts of WordPress website owners-- nonprofit organizations and private businesses alike.

In our process, we first help our clients get their WordPress websites back up to speed, and then we train them on maintaining their content and keeping their websites secure and up to date. We are your WordPress website repair crew!

Getting Up to Speed

Before making any changes to a client's WordPress website, we first carry out a website assessment. We check the website's hosting, current configuration, licenses, and status of plugins.

First off, we want to make sure that the website's licenses are up to date. If they aren't, then we help the client get newly reissued licenses. Once this is complete, we look at available updates for both the WordPress website itself and its used plugins. Finally, we apply all security and new feature updates.

We refer to these tasks as getting the website 'back up to speed'. It's important to do these cleanup tasks first, so that you then have a stable website to work with and train on.

WordPress Security

It's important to note that security updates to the website itself, its plugins, and its hosting environment should be applied regularly. Otherwise, your WordPress website will be open to virtual attack.

Within the last six months alone, I've come across more vulnerable WordPress websites than I'd prefer to count. Every time I see one, I always wonder, "Have they been compromised?" Even if a website looks fine, it could have been hacked recently or a long time ago. The hacker could then be using it for any type of purpose, whether for stealing server resources, slowing down the website's performance dramatically, or for other malicious intentions, like spreading malware and ransomware to the website's visitors or stealing their identities. 

Be aware of the status of your WordPress website's installation and plugins. If anything is outdated, your website can easily be attacked and compromised. And, because WordPress is the most widely-used CMS out there, it's also the most targeted for hackers.

WordPress Training

Once we have a website that's both stable and secure to work with, we speak with our client and learn how much they actually know about their website. We then train them on any knowledge or skills they're missing, or we go over everything about maintaining their WordPress website from the beginning. This overview can include skills like installing new plugins and modifying the website's current theme. Once we cover the basics, we walk them through the correct process of updating their WordPress installation and plugins. 

During our training process, we create a manual that's specific to our client's unique WordPress website. This gives each client a robust reference once their training is complete, and they can share it with the rest of their company or organization.


At Trail 9, we take pride in helping our clients secure, update, and maintain their WordPress websites. If you have ay questions about your WordPress website, we're happy to answer them for you! Ask a question below, email us at info@trail9.com, or visit us at trail9.com/contact