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Structured Data, What Is It And How Can It Help?

Sometimes it can be confusing on how a search engine(SE) generates the information that is uses to evaluate a website.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Are you familiar with Platform as a Service or PaaS? 
Benefits of Paas:
  • Allows the Developer to Take Control
  • Lower Cost
  • Better Scalability...
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Is Your Website's Speed Slowing Down Your Profit?

First impressions are very important when trying to gain new clients. In the past, your companies first impression was how that customer was greeted and treated during their first visit to your...

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Mobilegeddon, The Push Towards Mobile Friendly

Mobilegeddon, Googles April update that is focused on changing its search algorithm to increase the ranking of mobile friendly results. The affects the updates have had on the search results and...

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Social Media, How to Help Make It Work For You

With an ever growing digital world, having an online presence for yourself and your business is becoming more important each day.