Ask Mike: Why Is Content Important for my Website and SEO?

We streamed our live Ask Mike Episode #14 last Friday, February 3rd at a NEW location! We visited the very cool and accommodating Ideas in Motion Media, an awesome news group that provides the public with positive community-focused news on their websites: ValpoLife, PortageLife, LaPorteCountyLife, and NWIndianaLife.

While we toured their awesome facility, Mike explained the answer to THIS extremely crucial website question:

Why is Content Important for my Website and SEO?

Mike broke down the answer in two parts. First, he explained why you need regularly published content for the best online presence your business can have. Secondly, he described how to create your content strategy and distribute your content online.


Publishing content regularly is a key element of bringing more traffic to your website.

First of all, search engines love websites that are regularly updated with new, unique, and high quality content. As the primary goal of search engines is to create the best experience for their own users, they choose to point their searchers in the direction of the most legitimate and helpful websites. 

Secondly, professional content that's well-written and educational helps showcase your business's expertise in your field. Content generation is the perfect way to attract new visitors to your business's online presence and educate them about what your business does. However, to best achieve this, you shouldn't specifically write about your own services all the time. Rather, you should write about solutions to the challenges and opportunities that your visitors are facing in their daily lives.

Because the internet has the most widespread and current information available about pretty much everything, it's the most popular resource for people seeking solutions to whatever they need help with. And if you can provide a detailed solution for them, it'll increase your brand awareness and loyalty.


Define Your Target Audience

First of all, you need to define who it is that you're actually writing for. This will determine what topics you write about, what level of technical expertise to use in your writing, and how to market your content so it's available to most prospective customers. Ask questions like these to nail down who makes up your target audience:

  • What kind of people will be reading my content?
  • What interests do they have in common?
  • What challenges and opportunities are they currently facing?
  • Why are they coming to my website? What are they hoping to gain?

For example, we at Trail 9 usually write our content for people who aren't already technical experts, but who need help understanding how to go about improving their online presences. If we wrote our content using a bunch of techie terminology that no average person would understand, or if we only published it on forums specific to web development, then no average person would read them. We'd be completely neglecting our target audience.

Publish, Publish, Publish!

Once you have your content written and ready to be seen, you can go ahead and publish it on your website's blog or news feed. This will make it available for search engines to index, increasing your website's SEO ranking (seach engine optimization) and making it more visible to members of your target audience who're researching for help online.

Once you're in the swing of content publishing, you can widen your reach by publishing your new posts to the social media channels and alternative news networks that your target audience favors. For example, if your target audience spends most of its time on LinkedIn, but you only post your blog article links on Facebook, then you won't be reaching the majority of your prospects. We recommend keeping an eye on your social media analytics to check on your levels of user engagement and make sure you're posting in the best places for your company. 

Besides social media, you can reach out to other news publications and see if they'd be willing to publish some of your content in their source. Local online newspapers are an excellent place to look at for extending your content's reach. As a matter of fact, Trail 9 has recently partnered up with Ideas in Motion Media's ValpoLife online newspaper. With the help of ValpoLife's powerful website and brand, we can engage with new people we otherwise might never have reached.

When posting your content on other websites, it's important to first check how those websites rank on search engines and make sure it's a positive decison considering your target audience and your business's brand. If you share your content with other high-priority websites, then your accountability with search engines will increase.

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