High-Functionality Web Development

At Trail 9, we've worked on lots of different kinds of web projects— we pride ourselves in being a full-service web company, where we offer everything a business needs to be successful online. However, with our most recent projects, we've rediscovered our BIGGEST web passion: high-functionality web development, or doing the heavy lifting work on web projects.

Heavy functionality web development concept

 High-Functionality Web Development 

By 'high-functionality' and 'heavy lifting', we mean web services like:

► API (Application Program Interface) development
► Integrations
► Business 
function automations, and
► E-commerce development

In other words, what we most enjoy doing is fixing the tricky, complicated, and confusing technical issues that are blocking a business's productivity and efficiency. We excel at problem-solving, and we strive to make our clients' lives easier with our high-functionality web solutions.

We've always offered high-functionality development in the past, but we're now promoting it to the top of our services list. And, we've realized that offering this type of development as an outsource to companies that focus mainly on web design or other web-related fields is a win-win-win solution for everyone involved in a project— a team of specialists can give a client the best of everything and make the final product more successful than it would've been before.

So, if you're a business owner looking to automate your ordering process or integrate your ERP software with your website, or if you're a web design company needing a team specialized in high-functionality development to help with a project, give us a call. We're available for hire or outsourcing on any project, and we're always ready to do a project's heavy lifting.

Our Latest High-Functionality Project

We've been going gaga over our latest development project, which features all four of our high-functionality specialties: API development, integrations, automations, AND e-commerce! We think it's a great example of what we can do to help improve a business's efficiency and productivity through technical development.

Shipping Automation Phone AppFor this project, we used the Drupal 8 platform with Drupal Commerce 2.x (the latest Drupal CMS technology all around) to set up a custom REST API for our client. (A REST API is something that allows one piece of software to talk to another.) What all that technical speak really means is that we integrated our client's shipping services so that their entire shipping process is now automated.

Not only that, but we were also able to automate their ordering process shortly thereafter! Before, they relied solely on emailing back and forth for handling each order. But now, the orders are transferred to where they need to be depending on their status, and they work across both their website and their phone application. One of our client's employees thanked me specifically because he doesn't need to create PDF files for their individual orders anymore, which was an extremely time-consuming and tedious part of his daily work.

Our Latest Outsourcing Adventures

Database SearchWe've had two recent outsourcing projects for high-functionality web work, the details of which we'd like to share with you here. First, we were hired by a web design company to help with their website's search functionality. We set up a data migration between their complex database and their Drupal platform, so that their website's search could be as robust as their database was. Then, we set up their website's search function altogether. Now, users can visit their website, use their search function, and immediately find what it is they're looking for.

More recently, we were hired by a web design company to help out with a university's website. Our part of the project involved recovering some lost data, migrating data to different places, and setting up a development environment for them, so that they could carry out data exports of their content and reimport to their other websites.

There are a lot of design companies out there that primarily focus on design work and less on development work— especially heavily technical development work. So, that's where we can meet halfway with other web design companies, helping to create the full spectrum of the web development process.