How Trail 9 is Different

Throughout previous posts, we've talked about the quality of our web design services and products at Trail 9. But, we haven't gotten much into how we differ from other web design companies and what they offer.

When it comes to what we offer our clients, Trail 9 is different in five key ways. Why five? Because unlike other web design companies who only offer 'website design', we offer:

  • Website Design;
  • Website Development and Website Automation;
  • Search Engine Optimization;
  • Website Security; and
  • Website Load Time/Website Speed.

We're experts in everything a website needs to be great, and we offer all of these services as one for every website we build.


A good website communicates your company's brand and its message. But, that's not all a good website does. The design also has to work well for its specific audience. If your audience can't or won't use your website, what's the point of having it?

There are a lot of impressive website designs out there, but they too often fail to meet their intended audiences. What does this mean? It means you have a beautiful website, but your users have trouble using it. Frustrated users lead to a high bounce rate, low page views, and minimum time spent browsing.

Before even starting a design, it's important to know who its intended audience is. They're the ones who need to have a seamless experience using your website.


While your website's 'design' is what your visitors see, its 'development' is how it works. At Trail 9, your website will function great and be easy for you and your staffers to maintain.

By discussing your business goals with you, we can suggest the best and most efficient ways for information to flow through your website, making your daily tasks the most convenient possible. We can automate many of your website's processes so that you have just one task instead of twelve to do for the same result. For example, if you create a blog post, you can be done once you press 'publish'. Your post will automatically be live on your website, even on multiple pages if you wish, and its link will be posted to your business's social media feeds. One and done! 

We also specialize in website integration. So, if you want to control your eCommerce functionality, social media profiles, scheduling software, user-specific portals, and whatever other business functions you need all from the same convenient place, we're your company! Our job is to make a great website that's perfect for your audience and for your business to maintain. Let's eliminate those many different accounts and simplify your business's experience online.


It goes without saying: SEO is a hot topic, and it's a service we're proud to perform. Check out our free No B.S. Course for Search Engine Optimization, listed beneath this blog post. In it, we go over what we consider the foundation for any website's SEO. Remember, before your website can start bringing you leads and making conversions, it first needs to be found!

It's baffling to see how many websites are set up with subpar SEO, and their owners actually have to go back and optimize them once they're already built and launched. Why spend the extra time and money when you can have great SEO from the very beginning? Why miss that critical component?

These companies may offer attractive pricing for their products, but we always recommend checking exactly what you're getting as your finished product. If you miss out on critical foundational components, like proper SEO, then that lower-than-low price won't make a difference in the long run. Your website won't be able to increase business revenue if no one sees it!


The first step in having a secure website: All of your pages need HTTPS in their URLs! There's really no excuse anymore for lacking this; getting your website encrypted (getting an SSL certificate) has never been easier than it is in our world today. If you don't have the HTTPS, then search engines will give you a lower SEO ranking; they need to protect their users! Why would they ever risk their safety?

In addition, our development team at Trail 9 follows strict coding standards to enhance your website security as much as possible. Website malware and ransomware is no joke! It's important to protect your visitors as well as your good name.

WordPress websites are the most attacked websites, and they have been for quite a while. We recommend moving from WordPress, and their many security lapses, to Drupal, a Content Management System that can do everything WordPress can, but it's safer. At Trail 9, we specialize in Drupal Development; it's what makes your websites so easy to maintain, too.

Finally, website security includes your hosting environment. Do you know where your website is hosted? When was the last time that your hosting environment was reviewed? Do you know if it's secure?


If your website takes longer than 1-2 seconds to load a page, then it's time to seek some performance help! Think about it: Internet users are impatient, and they're getting more so all the time. Each second added to a page's load time means that a higher percentage of people are leaving your website immediately in search of a faster one. Don't give them a reason to leave!

Our personal goal is getting each website page to load under a second, all the time. There can be special cases that prevent this from happening, but if we find these situations with your website, we'll explain to you why it can't go any faster, and what you can potentially change to fix the problem. We keep working with you to achieve the goals you're after.


In this post, we've gone over what we offer at Trail 9 versus what many other 'Web Design' companies out there provide. We're not in the business of pushing you through a workflow, giving you a pretty design, and calling the project quits.

Finally, if we look again at our five bullet points and add a rough price to each one (pricing depends on your unique needs, but to give you an idea):

  • Website Design - $1000
  • Website Development and Website Automation - $1000
  • Search Engine Optimization - $1000
  • Website Security - $1000
  • Website Load Time/Website Speed - $1000

Thus, if you compare our pricing to other companies', you may see a comparison of $1000 and $5000. No doubt, the $1000 price is tempting! But, with that low, low price, you'll be missing a lot of what makes the website a valuable business asset. Rather, it'll essentially fill the role of an online business card. In the web design industry, you pay for what you get.

Our websites are more than just a pretty design! They're the foundation for your business's online presence. And, your business deserves more than that online business card; it should be highly visible, boost brand loyalty, encourage conversions, be secure, and be easy to maintain. If you're looking to increase conversions and sales, a lukewarm website is not your best bet, guarenteed.