Trail 9 is Partnering with Kinetic Data!

Trail 9 is beginning a new partnership with Kinetic Data! You may remember us talking about Kinetic Data in our recent blog post, Automating Complex Business Processes, and their strong automation and workflow management tool, kinops.

Well, we've gotten to know Kinetic Data and their kinops tool, and we've decided to adopt kinops for use with our client's projects.

Why kinops?

Why kinops? Kinops is the best solution on the market for organizing and maintaining business automations and workflows. It's a powerful tool, able to run many processes at the same time, AND it's very flexible, as it can flourish with just about any process or workflow management you can think of.

Some examples of what processes kinops can manage are:

►Support ticket systems
►Onboarding workflows
►Heavy-functionality websites
►Website and software integrations
►ECommerce systems and Automatic shipping
►Automatic printing and other automations using hardware systems
►Automatic IT operations, like server deployments

To learn more about kinops and what projects it's excellent with, visit our Kinetic Data Partnership page!

About Kinetic Data

Kinetic Data builds software solutions for both business process automation and service delivery management. They focus on improving businesses' service and efficiency by making powerful, flexible software that focuses on usability and easy communication.

They've been in business since 1998, and they're currently based out of St. Paul, MN.

Be sure to visit our Kinetic Data Partnership page!