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We offer a variety of web development services to build the best website for your organization and clients.

Our services range from web design and development to search engine optimization strategies.

We also offer supplemental services to boost security and performance. Usually these aspects of the website are at the back of peoples minds but never get fully implemented. We ensure they are optimized for peak performance.

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Website Design and Development

Premium design and development are our specialties. From simple websites to complex, customized solutions, Trail 9 creates websites that fit your business.

By understanding your customer's needs, we can build the best site to suit both your business and your clients.

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Growth Driven Design (GDD)

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a convenient and highly affordable web design solution with endless benefits.

If you want a website that’s live and ready fast, that costs less, and that’s constantly improving it’s functionality, SEO, and more, then our GDD is for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your business is unique, and so is your website’s SEO! We will strive to fully understand your business and create the best combination of SEO components for you.

When people search for your services, we want your business to shine above the rest.

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Inbound Marketing

People are always finding new creative ways to ignore interruptive advertising, or what we refer to as Outbound Marketing.

So, how can we possibly reach new prospects? By using Inbound Marketing, an efficient marketing method that focuses on getting found by the right leads at the right time.


  • I enjoyed working with Mike Michalak and his staff of Trail 9. I can't compliment Trail 9 enough. I assume my project has taken a bit longer than Trail 9 likes to see, but in my case he was able to revamp my website, allow my company to get a stronger local appeal. I am very happy with the customer service from Trail 9. I enjoy the candor the Mike brings to the table. I am also grateful for his giving heart in the matter. I believe in paying for quality. So many times we work with people that just don't care and Trail 9 has a caring attitude. I would strongly endorse Mike Michalak and Trail 9.

    James Tudor, at Tudor Cleaning and Restoration
  • Our organization had the opportunity to work with Mike and Trail 9 when we completely re-designed our website. We could not have been more pleased with the service we received throughout the project or with the finished product itself. Mike really takes the time to listen to his clients and deliver what they want. He does not try to jam his visions down your throat, as has been our experience with other technical experts. From start to finish, his professionalism, expertise and customer service skills shone through. We would hire him again in a second and hope to work with him again in some capacity in the future.

    Sean Hayden, Assistant Director at The Institute for Career Development
  • My company was in desperate need of a website makeover, after months of updates not being fulfilled by our previous web designer. I heard about Trail 9 through mutual acquaintances, and decided to get a quote. The pricing was competitive, and the results were superior. Mike guided us on web layouts and formats that loaded quickly, looked great from various devices, and gave us access to do light updates.

    Because my company is a freight forwarder, we needed some specialized tracking and EDI integrations added, which our customers helped to give feedback to guide Mike with developing a tracking tool. So far, our customers are very happy, and we have gained more business because of this. Our vendors are quite impressed and amazed at how charming and non-generic a freight forwarding website can be.

    Angeline Dixon, DTW Branch Manager at Global Team USA
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Website Security

Data breach? No thanks! Besides compromising critical business relationships, a data breach can be an end-all-be-all for a business; it can come with stiff fines, penalties, and other costs.

At Trail 9, we are consistently implementing security assessments and scans, as well as determining countermeasures to prevent current and future virtual threats. We’ll find all of your website and network’s vulnerabilities and make sure you don’t get hacked.

Office Security

What about online security that protects the entire office? Computers, servers, printers, tablets, Nests, and any other office device that’s connected to the internet needs to be secured. A data breach could happen through any of them.

When we assess an office environment, we take note of every possible point of entry that could be used for a data breach. We then provide our client with a detailed report on all security vulnerabilities in that office, and we secure every weakness that we find.

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Website Performance

As load times increase, so does page abandonment! If your website takes more than one to two seconds to load, we want to speed it up. We will keep your load times quick and consistent.

We want your website’s performance to boost your customers’ confidence and trust.


Concerning a business’s website presence, there’s always a lot to keep track of. All of the necessary updates, upgrades, maintenance, training, and documentation takes a vast amount of time and energy for any business owner or staff to maintain.

We want to help! We’ll take care of all of your necessary website support, so that you can focus more on what you love to do. Don’t worry- we’ve got you covered.

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