Kinetic Data Partnership

We've partnered up with Kinetic Data! Kinetic Data develops software tools for both business process automation and service delivery management. We've found their latest tool, kinops, to be an excellent solution for many of our client's needs.

Kinops is a powerful and flexible tool for streamlining business processes. It works as a central hub for managing all kinds of business assets like automations, integrations, heavy-functionality websites, ecommerce platforms, and complex workflows. 

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kinops and Automations

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So, what types of projects can kinops help with?

Kinops is perfect for automating repetitive tasks that don’t make sense for business owners or their employees to physically do themselves. Freeing up that extra money, time, and energy, it’s meant to give businesses the opportunity to redirect those saved resources however they choose.

Repetitive tasks like these can include deploying digital servers, sending manufacture jobs based on submission, automating shipping processes, or simply automatically storing data in the right places. There are hundreds of automations that can be set up to make you and your staff's jobs easier and more efficient.

Kinops and Workflows

Kinops is also ideal for streamlining workflows, whatever the workflow may be for. Whether it's an onboarding workflow, a support ticket system, an ecommerce workflow, or any number of other step-by-step processes, kinops can manage them all.

Kinops has the power to manage one workflow or hundreds of them. Based on how it's set up for your company, it can operate based on set conditions.

For example, during an onboarding workflow, kinops can automatically gather, store, and send a new applicant's information to the correct Human Resources employees. From there, it can wait until specific employees either approve or deny that applicant before moving on to its next action. And so, it continues along the workflow, automatically generating whatever new employee accounts and materials are needed along the way.

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kinops and Usability

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With all of its power, kinops still maintains a high usability for company members. It has an easy-to-use interface that's focused on organization and clarity, making it so anyone can use it, no matter their previous technology experience.

Once kinops is set up per your unique specifications, it's ready for you to start managing your business!