Website Performance Review

The faster your website loads, the lower your bounce rate will be, meaning your users will stay on your website longer. Fast load times are vital for customers’ confidence and trust in your website, and are important factors to them returning.

At Trail 9 we are thrilled to optimize your website. We will start with an analysis to find out the cause, or causes, of the slowdown. We then carry out all necessary actions needed to increase your website’s performance.

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Server Performance Review

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Optimizing your website is only one piece of the puzzle! Your server also plays a big role in your website’s overall performance. Once your website is optimized, the next step is to optimize the applications and services that run your website, on the server level.

Our team of experts will review your server's configuration and resources to find any bottlenecks in your system’s performance. Once the bottlenecks are found, we will carry out all necessary actions to remove them.

User Load Testing

Now your website is running extremely fast, thanks to your newly optimized website and server! Unfortunately, disasters can still happen.

We recommend determining how many users your server can handle at one time, especially during peak load times. A server crash would NOT inspire trust in your customers!

We will determine the peak number of users your server can handle at any time. But, we won’t stop there! We will also scale out the current server infrastructure to accommodate a higher bandwidth of traffic.

This is extremely useful for any traffic spikes due to press releases, general sales events, Black Friday or holiday sales, and even Groupon deals.

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  • I’m relatively new to DEF, but just wanted to follow-up with you to say thanks for all the support Trail 9 has provided. I was on a call earlier today with some folks tackling our digital media way-ahead and was struck by the fact that having such a professional and clean web presence really was one of the key things that actually got me excited about DEF to begin with

    I came to DEF as a dude who wanted to help, wanted to make an impact, and had no one else around in the local area. The work you and your team did in hosting, setting up and training DEF team members to update the website made a big difference, because I was able to discover other people, perspectives, and ideas that now are a huge part of how I spend my time.

    Jeremy McKoy, Marketing & Communications at Defense Entrepreneurs Forum
  • I enjoyed working with Mike Michalak and his staff of Trail 9. I can't compliment Trail 9 enough. I assume my project has taken a bit longer than Trail 9 likes to see, but in my case he was able to revamp my website, allow my company to get a stronger local appeal. I am very happy with the customer service from Trail 9. I enjoy the candor the Mike brings to the table. I am also grateful for his giving heart in the matter. I believe in paying for quality. So many times we work with people that just don't care and Trail 9 has a caring attitude. I would strongly endorse Mike Michalak and Trail 9.

    James Tudor, at Tudor Cleaning and Restoration
  • Our organization had the opportunity to work with Mike and Trail 9 when we completely re-designed our website. We could not have been more pleased with the service we received throughout the project or with the finished product itself. Mike really takes the time to listen to his clients and deliver what they want. He does not try to jam his visions down your throat, as has been our experience with other technical experts. From start to finish, his professionalism, expertise and customer service skills shone through. We would hire him again in a second and hope to work with him again in some capacity in the future.

    Sean Hayden, Assistant Director at The Institute for Career Development